Paula DaSilva, Burlock Coast, Miami

Chefs are the creative tastemakers of the Cochon555 tour. As part of our new Spotlight series for guests past and present, we take you behind the scenes for a Q&A with those who provide the delicious bites for our competition. Meet Chef Paula DaSilva from our Miami event.

Can you give us a quick rundown of the theme behind your winning Cochon555 menu?

The menu was a collaborative effort inspired by our favorite dishes. They ranged from a classic consommé to a traditional feijoada. We wanted to be sure to use all the parts appropriately and get the best out of them so we even made a dessert as we had so much rendered fat!

Why is  heritage breed pork special for you – and how would you describe its flavor to the uninitiated?

It’s special to me because of the care, attention and hard word that takes a farmer to properly raise these pigs. It is a passion and dedication and without them, chef’s would not have the ability to know the true difference. Everything from the marbling, richness and tenderness to the yield you get is so much more worth the price.   

Choose your best pork memory and describe it for us.

It would have to be the traditional Brazilian feijoada. A national dish of my home country and typically eaten on Saturdays. When my parents had their restaurants, preparation for this dish would begin every Wednesday as it is very time consuming and tedious. Saturday would roll around and I couldn’t wait to grab my plate of the black bean stewed with bacon, sausage and trotters with a side of collard greens and farofa!  

Join Chef Paula at Grand Cochon on October 1st in Chicago as she represents Miami! Don’t sleep on the best party of the year!