Tim Hershberger, Mizuna, Denver

Bartenders are just some of the creative tastemakers of the Cochon555 tour. As part of our new Spotlight series for guests past and present, we take you behind the scenes for a Q&A with those who provide the delicious drinks for our competition. Meet Tim Hershberger from our Denver event.

Which classic cocktail is the most underrated?

The most underrated classic cocktail to me is the Caipirihna. I live the earthy flavors combined with balanced sugar and acid.

What kind of flavors inspire you the most?

The flavors that inspire me are typically savory and herbatious.

A drink to pair with pork?

I like to pair dry Riesling with pork. The high acid and touch of residual sugar are a perfect marriage with fatty meats.

Tim will compete in the Punch Kings finale, Last Call, on September 30th. Don’t miss out on punches made by some of the country’s finest bartenders!