Rachael Tuller, The Farmstead, Seattle

Farmers are the very heart of the Cochon555 tour. As part of our new Spotlight series for guests past and present, we take you behind the scenes for a Q&A with those who provide the beautiful and delicious pigs for our competition. Meet Rachael Tuller from our Seattle event.

What is your farming philosophy?
Our farm builds community, grows strong people, and heals the land — everyone has a place at our table. We use 100% clean energy and make a personal commitment to provide a fabulous life to every animal we raise.

What is it that intrigues you about heritage breed pigs?
Heritage Pork is a return to our roots, an appreciation of our past, and a heralding of the pig. Have you ever eaten a carrot, right from the dirt? You probably felt yourself unable to describe the flavor difference. Instead you said: It tastes like a carrot.” That’’s how Heritage Pork works. The flavor is deep and earthy, reflecting hundreds of years of pigs being raised on the earth and in the elements.

What is your favorite pork cut and way to cook it?
Country-style ribs! The marbling of fat on them is perfect for roasting in the oven or a crock pot.

The root of all Cochon555 events is the community of small and family farmers whose sacrifice and talent results in the heritage breed pigs we celebrate. Rachael Tuller from The Farmstead  focuses her efforts on raising Old Spots. The meat has a distinctive layer of back fat, which adds to the succulent flavor overall.You can find out more about them and get information about where to enjoy the savory gifts of their labor at http://www.olyfarmstead.org.