Scott Kitsmiller, Broken Shaker Chicago, Chicago

Which classic cocktail is the most underrated?
I’m not sure how necessarily underrated this c
ocktail is, but I absolutely love 50/50 martinis. It’s just such a pleasant balance of boozy and refreshing. It’s grown into my go-to summer drink once the weather starts warming up.

What kind of flavors inspire you most?
I’ve been playing a lot with umami flavors in cocktails recently. Something about that flavor component I’ve come to find can add a lot of depth to a drink. It’s been fun rediscovering how to use umami-packed spirits such Shochu, Sake, and Sherries as little punches of flavor.

Choose a drink to match with pork-and why?
Give me a big ole’ Sherry Cobbler with a slab of pork and I’ll be extremely happy. Something about the salty and sweet aspect of that drink works so well with the salty and sweet flavors of pork. Plus, I just want something refreshing most of the time, but especially with pork.