Matt Collette, Canon, Seattle 

Which classic cocktail is the most underrated?
I’d have to say the Negroni (on the rocks of course).  When executed well it really is the perfect cocktail for any occasion.  Too often though it’s the victim of poor execution or “interpretations” which is why it’s underrated.

What kind of flavors inspire you most?
The flavors of spirits more then anything inspire me because they speak to a time and a place. All other flavors in drinks for me serve to highlight the aspect of the spirit I am focusing on.

Choose a drink to match with pork – and why?
Something with some acid to cut through the richness that also has a complimentary sweet component but retains some bitterness for a clean finish. I’d say a proper Jungle Bird (Rum, Pineapple, Campari & Lime) with fresh ingredients would be perfect. Plus, Pineapple does love pork.

*Photo Credit: Megan Rainwater