Hayley Black, Tutta Bella, Seattle

Which classic grape varietal is the most underrated?
Riesling – Most of us wine professionals love Riesling and appreciate it’s rich history and diversity as a grape. Riesling makes wines from dry, to semi sweet, sweet and even sparkling. It has beautiful aromatics paired with refreshingly high acid to age beautifully. A lot of people are unaware of this dynamic grape and the many wines that are made from it around the world.. Riesling has the ability not only to be loved by many because of this diversity, but also pair with so many different flavors in dishes.

What kind of flavors inspire you most?
I love when you have a simple stand out dish, something that show cases the high quality ingredients used to make it, and nothing over complicated. This is why I love Italian food so much, it can be something as simple fresh pasta, tomato, really good extra virgin olive oil and basil – you can taste each ingredient in each bite and you are in heaven!

Choose a drink to match with pork – and why?
Bubbles! The acidify and effervescence are perfect for rich and fatty pork dishes. And,who doesn’t love bubbles, from Prosecco, Lambrusco to Champagne: you can enjoy as an aperitif, or with a meal. They are versatile in that you no matter how the dish may be prepared – spicy or sweet, the bubbles can stand up to a variety of flavors with out overpowering anything in the dish.