Alex Burch, Bastion, Nashville

Which classic grape varietal is the most underrated?
Chardonnay is the most underrated varietal due to it’s huge range of expressions. You can find lean, bright, and clean expressions from Chablis with plenty of minerality and expression of terroir; complex, earthy, aged chardonnay from Burgundy with beautiful toffee and caramelized notes; and big, robust Chardonnay from California with butter and oak. All of this doesn’t even include its use in Champagne.

What kind of flavors inspire you most?
It’s a mixed bag, but I love citrus, spice, and smoke, which probably leads to a love of white wines from Pouilly-Fume and the Mosel with flint and high acidity and red wines from the Northern Rhône Valley covered with smoke, spice, and meat.

Choose a drink to match with pork – and why?
Mosel Riesling-these wines can range from bone dry to cloyingly sweet, yet still have a vibrant acidity. These attributes allow the wine to cut through fatty dishes, mellow spice, or match sweet accoutrements.