presented by Hudson Valley Foie Gras & Chef Michael Ginor
2 Duck, 2 Livers, 2 Trotters
Winner Receive 2 Nights in Montreal
Hudson Valle Foie Gras and Chef Michael Ginor will provide the five competing chefs at COCHON 555 in each market, 2 livers, and 2 ducks to be combined with [2] trotters from their competition pig to make [1] dish to be served to the judges family style, and only to the judges. The goal is to combine low and high cost proteins into [1] dish of ultimate flavor and utilization. On May 15th, [1] chef will be announced the Hudson Valley Foie Gras, Duck and Heritage Trotter Winner – and will travel to MONTREAL for a 2-day eating adventure featuring dinner at Au Pied Cochon and Joe Beef.
Competition chefs can confirm their interest via email, if you have already filled out your form. Please send your mailing address, which will be shared with Michael Ginor and his team at Hudson Valley to arrange for shipping product. We will use the primary chef as the contact person unless told otherwise.  Please email [email protected] if you have questions