The fifth anniversary of the Cochon US Tour well is underway! With the first 50 events dedicated to heritage breeds in the books, Founder Brady Lowe, is proud to announce the next installment of Cochon expression events for 2013. 

“In the first five years of the tour, programs such as Chefs Course, have supported responsible family farming across the country. As a result, thousands have feasted on heritage breed pigs while Cochon has donated more than $275,000 to culinary schools and local causes and purchased more than $600,000 of pigs from family farms,” says Lowe. “The only thing left to do is – MORE! We are looking forward to the continuing the mission of Cochon with the upcoming second semester of events with expressions including COCHON EPIC, Heritage BBQ, Heritage Fire, and All-Star Cochon.” 
From Memphis to Napa, Hawaii to Louisville, the country is calling out loud for better tasting, healthier whole-hog options and who better to answer than Cochon! Below is a look at each upcoming event – all produced with a singular mission – to raise awareness about heritage breed animals:


The first-ever Cochon event in Philadelphia will take place at The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia Hotel – Official Host & Hotel. More than 1500 pounds of heritage pork will be served at an event that celebrates the porc-centric spirit of the city. Celebrated local chefs will work alongside Cochon Alumni to create an incredible porc feast that features aspects of Cochon 555 and Heritage BBQ side-by-side in a one-time-ever event.
Meat-lovers will rejoice as a wide variety of heritage breed animals including goat, lamb, pig, beef, rabbit, birds, and cow are cooked over open flames at the Charles Krug Winery in St. Helena.  Heritage Fire celebrates local and national chef friends of Cochon, with a focus on whole animal butchery and fire-cooking.
The three cities in three weekends – this tasty mini-series was created in an effort to bridge the gap between BBQ restaurants and small family farms. Five chef teams in each city will be challenged to prepare one plate showcasing one whole heritage breed pig in six distinct dishes comprised of four meats and two sides. The meats are BONE, MUSCLE, PULL, STEW, and sides are MAYO and MUSTARD based – which means – over 30 heritage pork dishes to feast on! From Korean to Asado, Japanese to American, this series is unlike any BBQ event you know…. 
St. Louis – August 25 – Four Season Hotel St. Louis (official host & hotel of Heritage BBQ)
Memphis – August 30 – The Peabody Hotel 
Louisville – September 8 – 21C Museum Hotel

Five Chefs and five Pigs, plus distillers, notable media and food champions will be celebrating the spirit of Aloha as this one-of-a-kind culinary tasting event hits the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel on the Big Island of Hawaii. Host Chef Peter Pahk will curate some of the finest flavors the islands have to offer at this inaugural event. In addition to the pork feast, guests will also experience a Tar Tare Bar, sustainable seafood samples, the Perfect Manhattan Bar, Chupito (Mezcal) Bar, the famous Cheese Bar, beer by Anchor Brewing, pork-spiked desserts and more.

Closing out the milestone year, All-Star Cochon brings the 2013 season to an end with an extraordinary feast! 10 chefs – past winners and fan favorites – will come together to prepare a ‘snout-to-tail’ menu featuring heritage breed pigs sourced in their local markets. The event includes over forty swine-focused dishes, two butcher demos, reserve wines, artisan cocktails, craft brews and pig-infused desserts. 
All of the expressions of the Cochon National Tour; (Heritage BBQ, EPIC, Heritage Fire, and All-Star) were created for consumers and food professionals looking to celebrate the tasty and sustainable food movement – and the reward is clear – honest flavor from real people. The goal is tilting the scales in favor of family farms providing better food choices for the future.
All of the events, nationwide, are tailored to affluent audiences who want authentic experiences and genuine products. Year after year the events continue to deliver information to people who champion the conversation of hardworking, source-diligent chefs, passionate farmers, and honest local food.
For more information about Cochon US Tour and to purchase tickets to any or all of the upcoming events, please visit: www.cochon555.com 
About Cochon


Created by Taste Network’s Brady Lowe in 2009 in response to the lack of consumer education around heritage breeds, Cochon is a national event series that takes place in 17 major markets. In addition to its flagship event, Cochon 555, the Cochon brand now offers a variety of experiences each year. The expressions, with national followings, include Cochon Epic, Cochon All-Star, Cochon Heritage Fire, Cochon Island and Cochon Heritage BBQ. Since its launch in 2009, Cochon 555 and its programs such as Chef’s Course have supported responsible family farming across the country resulting in 35,000 people tasting heritage pigs, more than $300,000 going to supporting charities and more than $500,000 going directly to great farmers across the country. For more details about the events, visit www.cochon555.com or follow @cochon555 on Twitter.