Spotlight: Eating Challenge

Twelve brave food champions will face the eating challenge of a lifetime as COCHON 555 founder Brady Lowe will lead this culinary adventure which starts at Sweet Grass with BBQ oysters and ends with ribs from a Memphis in May Champion.

The eating challenge is a lineup of BBQ classics selected for a specific reason. The challengers will eat a model menu showcasing a BBQ restaurant that practices whole animal utilization. The challenger’s missions incorporate elements from the sustainable ‘4 MEATS + 2 SIDES’ competition format, aka ‘The Judge’s Plate.’ 

Only 30 tickets are available!!! CLICK HERE

Sweet Grass
BBQ Oyster Tailgate

Chef Ryan Trimm’s love for low-country cuisine and fresh local ingredients has won many hearts in Memphis. Benton’s Bacon is no stranger on this menu and we look forward to kicking off the eating challenge with BBQ’D Rappahannock River Oysters, Bloody Mary’s and Mr. Allan Benton himself.

Payne’s BAR-B-Q
Pull Sandwich

A classic Memphis location and must-do for any Bar-B-Q enthusiast. The pulled pork sandwich and ambiance is epic. Andrew Zimmern declare Payne’s has the best bologna sandwich in the country. Ron Payne joins the cast of judges for Friday night’s Best Bologna contest. Who’s gonna win?
Central BBQ
Dry Rub Wings

Memphian’s know great BBQ and won’t settle for anything less. Central BBQ owners met on the BBQ circuit in the mid-80s and have a national reputation for Legendary Dry Rub Wings. Saturday’s whole hog lunch is hosted by owner Craig Blondis.

The Bar-B-Q Shop
BBQ Spaghetti

While it’s the food that brings people in the door, it’s the award winning sauces that keeps them coming back for more than 50 years. The restaurant is known for the sauces but owner Frank Vernon keeps talking about one thing – BBQ spaghetti. If you haven’t tried it, you don’t know what you’re missing!

Top’s Bar-B-Q

2012 marks the 60th anniversary of Tops Bar-B-Q and their award winning real pit Bar-B-Q. Known for the amazing slow-cooked pork shoulders and ribs, people can’t deny the real hidden gem is their burger (rumors of pork fat being used in the cooking process). You can’t come to Memphis without getting yourself some of that.

Trolley Stop Market
Mustard + Pickles

Owners Keith and Jill Forrester have worked hard to create a wholesome, family-friendly atmosphere. As farmers, the proud couple is committed to supporting local farms and food purveyors whenever possible at the market. They take extreme pride in their tasty new PICKLING project featuring the seasons best produce.

Cozy Corner
Cornish Game Hen

Before the Memphis Pyramid rose in response to the new-fangled pharaohs of the Mid-South, before B.B. and his blues bought back Beale, Raymond Robinson stoked the fire under his first slab in a small store at the corner of North Parkway and Manassas. And while Raymond eventually passed on, “He used to say, ‘My desire is to serve a few people the best they ever had.'” and that is the cornish game hen.

Gus’s Fried Chicken
Mayo & Chicken

When Gus’s first moved to Memphis in 2000, it was like the gods had sent a blessing of chicken. Despite their plans for expansion they always find time to satisfy the public’s need for a little heat. The coveted chicken is fried to order and the crispy skin gives way to an out of body experience. I’ll take two please.

Memphis Barbecue Company

Ribs Finally!

Melissa Cookston and John Wheeler have a history of competing against each other at countless contests across the country. Yet in 2011 the duo decided to join forces to open Memphis Barbecue Co., the only barbecue restaurant ever to feature Two World Champion Pitmasters. The lines can often be daunting, but once you make it to that table there’s only one way to head – straight for their award winning ribs.


Newman’s Berkshire Match-up at Central BBQ hosted by Craig Blondies
Don’t miss when Elk Cove Vineyards shares samples of real Oregon wines during The Newman Farm Berkshire Football Game Match-up at Central BBQ from 1-3pm.