Heritage BBQ Restaurant Pop-Up by Jamie Bissonnette of Coppa & Toro with Will Gilson of Bridgestreet 
Sweet Grass and Next Door locales

6pm – 1st seating
9pm – 2nd seating

$55.5 (all inclusive)
In preparation for the competition day ahead, pork enthusiasts Jamie Bissonette, Will Gilsan, Ryan Trimm, and Brady Lowe will host a pop-up dinner featuring good eats and cold brews served family style in a friendly, casual setting. This is considered a chef’s feast so plan to see all the talent of the weekend at the table next to you eating as much as you. Take a look at the menu and make your reservation before the dinner is sold out.

PULL: Mexican Soda Pulled Pork Torta
MUSCLE: Cured Loin with Lentils and Salsa Verde
STEW: Pork Skin Red Curry
BONE: Vietnamese Fried Bones
MAYO: Ramen Seasoned Macaroni, Crispy Noodles & Mint
MUSTARD: Ethiopian Braised Mustard Greens with Berbere
Family Style service will include the following: [2] BBQ’d Oysters per person, BBQ Spaghetti inspired side of Cavatelli Pasta with BBQ Sugo, Burger inspired Thai Pork Slider with Green Curry, Pork Fat Mayo and Kimchi, Grilled Cheese inspired Melt with Pork Belly and Summer Veggies, Fried Chicken inspired Testa Croutons with Buna Coffee Mayo, Bologna inspired half a Sandwich of Mortadella, Mustard & Robiola with BBQ Lays Potato Chips. A special Manhattan SnoCone with Luxardo Cherries for dessert.