March 12th, at the Newseum, Knights Confernce Center.
Jason Belleau – Wholefoods, Washington D.C.
Pamela Ginsberg – Wagshal’s Market, Washington D.C.
Pamela Ginsberg
Popularly known as “Pam the butcher,” Pam Ginsberg is the manager of D.C.’s Wagshal’s Market, named the best butcher shop in the metropolitan area with the finest meats and seafood,” by Washingtonian Magazine. A third generation Washingtonian, Pam came to Wagshal’s in 2007 with close to four decades of butchering and food industry experience from some of the area’s finest butcher shops and specialty markets such as: Brookville Market, Larimer’s, and Sutton Place Gourmet. Pam broke her first side of beef with her father, “Steve the butcher,” in her family’s shop at Eastern Market when she was 7 years old. “I was born to be a butcher,” she says. “I can’t describe how I feel when I see a beautiful piece of meat and cut into it – it gives me goose bumps.” In addition to the technical aspects of her profession, Pam equally values the customer service side of her job. “I enjoy making customers happy and spending time with them to understand what they want,” she says. “That’s what I’m about and that’s what Wagshal’s is about – we’re a perfect fit.”
Wagshal’s Market, 4845 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20016 * 202-363-0777 *
Check out Pam work a lamb and also go over the Hanging Tender/Hanger Steak
Jason Belleau
Jason comes from years of experience of meat cutting. He is currently the Meat Coordinator for the Mid-Atlantic Region of Wholefoods Markets.
The contestants will be cutting a pure Berkshire hog from Newman Farms.