Our Mission


HOW IT STARTED Created in 2008 in response to the lack of education around heritage breed pigs. The event series started from a thread of conversations where family farmers struggled to educate chefs, restaurants looked to source exceptional ingredients, and consumers sought out responsibly raised proteins. They all converged into one idea: the ultimate quest of flavor.

RESULTS Last year, tour reached 20 markets across the nation with over 45 events with the message of “heritage breed pigs”. The culinary competitions invite notable chefs all hoping to win top honors in each market. The events drew from the biggest names in the hospitality industry and we worked with 11,000 consumers, 2,200+ chefs, 150+ family farms, and 16 culinary schools to continue cultivating a long-term impact on the family farming of heritage breed pigs. In 2014, the tour donated over $100,000 to local charities and spent over $90,000 on heritage breed pigs. In the media, three little words, “heritage breed pigs”, harvested millions of tasty impressions. Without you, our friends, the supporters, this would not have been possible. Living on tour for year after year requires inspiration, we thank you for the fuel to keep going.

ESTABLISHING VALUE Taste Network’s Cochon US Tour has been on the road for 7 years working with top chefs and brands in each market. With extensive networks in all primary and secondary markets, events are full of pork enthusiasts saying the same one thing, “GIVE US MORE FLAVOR”. We take pride in delivering the best culinary experience possible, raising the bar each year for culinary events around the country. Since 2009, we have given more than $400,000 to local charities, and invested over a half million in family farms by purchasing whole pigs for events, more than any other live-event in the country.

BACKGROUND The tour is aligned with the modern-day good food movement — notable chefs, barrier-breaking women and men, artist-like butchers, spirited bartenders and brazen pastry talent. The community chats up the events socially and we strive to give our friends something to talk about. We are super thankful for the media who loves telling our story, for them, building a foundation for safer, honest food is not possible. If you want your finger on the culinary pulse of America, this is it.

The challenges that face family farmers are on our front burner. In September we launched Piggy Bank, a foundation to gift heritage breed pigs to family farmers in exchange for business plans. All business plans will be shared via online for the global community. Piggy Bank will support existing farmers requiring genetics to diversify bloodlines or rebuild herds as a result of disease or natural disaster. In just a few years, Cochon555 has created a massive conversation around heritage breed pigs and today we shift our mission to develop a vibrant farming community who can share and benefit from promoting the conversation of open source agriculture. Piggy Bank is a foundation – a transparent agriculture system for the family farming movement. Bottom line, we need a culinary landscape with safer food choices that will benefit our youth tomorrow.

Piggy Bank is a solution.
Piggy Bank is a movement.
Piggy Bank creates new farmers.
Piggy Bank will inspire more livestock banks.
Piggy Bank is an ecosystem of exchanging genetics and information.
Piggy Bank will change our landscape.

We call it open source agriculture.

Please visit www.piggy-bank.org to learn more about the cause and how to become a donor. Join the Piggy Bank conversation on Twitter @PiggyBankOrg.
CURRENTLY Today, exactly the same to the first year, the pig signal in the sky represents a symbol of hope for a better food system, paving a way for farmers to find chefs buying whole animal. Each year the Cochon555 US Tour broadcasts the message through a massive national community via live-events. We provide results, handshakes, friendships, conversation, and the best part, we are only getting started…

Brady Lowe